Republic Day Speech For School Students, Children & Kids In English - 26 January 2018 Short Speech

*2018*  Happy Republic Day Speech For School Students, Children & Kids In Hindi, English - Short Speech - Republic day honor the date of 26 January, On 26 January, Indian Constitution came into force and Dr Rajendra Prasad became the First President Of India.

The Indian Constitution was adopted on 26 January 1949 but It came into effect on 26 January 1950. And the big leader of India Choose the 26 Jan as the republic day of India. And Till now, Republic day celebrated on 26 January and there is also one tradition going on which was started on 1950, that there will be guest from outside the country to participate on our republic day.

India get the Independence from British on 1947 and on 1950 write their own Indian Constitution which is still in effect but as the time crosses we also get to see the some changes in our constitution.

The Main Republic day celebration held in the capital of India - Delhi, On the Rajpath there is an Old Parade followed by the militant and played many folk dance and the other state of India show their tradition and culture on the Rajpath.

Till Now, 68 Chief Guest from out side the country has been the witnessed for our celebration of Republic day. And In 2018, 10 Chief guest will be there at Rajpath, India.

Republic Day Speech For School Students In English 

Respected Madam, Sir, Teacher and all my dear friends, Today we gather here to celebrate our 69th republic Day of India, On these Auspicious day, I covey my greetings to all our country man and pray for the prosperity and over all developed for our nation. It is a Previlage that i got an opportunity to speak on this occasion, You all know that we got Independence on August 15, 1947 but we became an republic country when our constitution came into existence on January 26, 1950. Our Constitution was prepaid by Dr B.R Ambedkar.

Dr Rajendere became the first president, The first general election were in our Country in 1952, In the past 68 year, Our Country had gone through many changes, the command of the country change into the hands of the people, There are many developments and there are some pic first which had came into the way unemployment and corruption had grown up very fast, so we have to take a pledge to find solution for these problems then our country will become the best place to live on the country.

Once Again, I want to thanked to my teacher who gave me this this opportunity to speak up about our highlights of India. 

Jai Hind!! 

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26 January Speech For School Students Children, Kids & In English

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