Republic Day 2018 Speech In Hindi For Students & Teachers

Republic Day 2018 Speech In Hindi For Students & Teachers -  Tomorrow is the republic day, everyone get is enthusiasm and in epic to celebrate republic day of india. And this time we are celebrating 69th Republic day so far. And we should not forget to remember Dr B. R Ambedkar, who wrote this long constitution for Our Country India.

Republic day celebrate every year on 26th January through out India and appreciate our celebration on 26 January by all the other countries.

Every Year, We Request some of the Countries President and prime minister to be a chief guest on our Mega celebration On Republic Day.

Republic Day Speech In Hindi 

Good morning All Of You, Today i am standing in front you all to give my speech on republic day 2018. I am feel so grateful that i got this opportunity and for this I want to thank my teacher who faith on me that i will make the great speech on republic day. 

Now I Just want to tell you one thing , that why we celebrate republic day on 26th January, Did anyone ever thought about that, If Not, Then just think about or listen my speech carefully,

We all know that we celebrate Independence day on 15 August because we got the Independence on that day, but why we celebrate republic day on 26 January,

Because on 26 January, 1930, India started Purna Swaraj, that's why when every body suggested 26th January as the republic day.

And One more thing, Today is a republic day and when all get the rights but we also celebrate this to aware those people who are uneducated and don't about their rights and get the corrupt by the officer.

Thank You

Jai Hind

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