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Republic Day 2018 Speech In Hindi, English For Students, Teachers - republic day is the day to remember the constitution of India, On 26 January 1950, India Constitution came into force. republic day the day when we all get together and feel the unity and democracy of India. In all the school and colleges there is program held on 26 January to aware all the Indians about our constitution and now we will provide you the great speech on Republic Day In Hindi that you can read from the below and can share with your teachers or with your mentors and parents and can ask from him that you can use our Republic day speech in hindi or not.

26 January 2018 speech In Hindi For Teachers -

Hello Guys, this is the site where you will get all the speech on 26 January for Teachers. Our expert write professional speech on Republic day, so you all get the best from us.
Republic Day Speech In Hindi - Good Morning all of you, Today is the day of realization and to aware the people about India Constitution, still there are million who are didn't aware by their rights because of this our Country are lacking in many sector because the people who are not educated didn't know about any right and this is the main cause of corruption.
In Government Office, there are Babus who make you fool easily and take a lot of money from you because you are not aware by the law and constitution of India.
Our celebrating this republic day has only aim to spread the knowledge of India Constitution, so that if anyone try to make you fool, can't be succeeded in fooling you.
And In Last, I Just want to wish you a very happy republic day, and also very happy to see many this young children sitting here.
Thank You
Jai Hindi!

26 January Speech In Hindi 2018 

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Republic Day Speech For Students In Hindi 2018 - Best Speech

Good Morning Every One, And wish you all a very happy republic day, today i feel honor to stand In front of you all to give the speech on republic day. when we think about republic day, There is always one person which came in mind id Dr. B. R Ambedkar, Just because of him, Our Indian Constitution came into force on 26 January 1950.
And We also have to celebrate this day by remembering Dr. B.R Ambedkar too.
On 26 January, Children use this day as a holiday, I Just want to tell to all my friends that don't consider this day as a holiday, There are many people who sacrifice their lives for us. so rather then consider as a holiday, use this day to make aware people by the India Constitution.

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