*2018* Republic Day Anchoring Script In Hindi, English For Students

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Republic Day Anchoring Script - 

Good Morning All Of You,
Today We are Celebrating Republic Day
A Day, When The Indian Constitution Came into existence
A Day When All Indians Get their Own Rights
This is the Day Of Rememberence
This is the Day to Realize
That How Much We are Lucky
That We are Living In The Democratic Country
Where we get Every Right
Where is in our Hand
That To whom we want to make

And I also want to say that it was not easy to write the Indian constitution but we have the legends like Dr. B.R Ambedkar who write the Indian Constitution. There is also has been said that the first written Indian Constitution book was burned and then again the Indian Constitution has been re written. And Dr Rajendra Prasad became the first president of India

And Today In Our School., There will be a mega celebration to celebrate this 69th Republic Day,

And Now, On this Occassion, You will be get enjoyed by the Drama , which will be played by class ABC, also there will a Speech By the students and Teachers Too with that There Will be a Poems On Republic Day

Republic Day Anchoring In Hindi

Republic Day Anchoring In English

Republic Day Anchoring Script - Method 2


Yaad Rakhnge Viro Tumako Haradam,
Yah Balidan Tumhara Hai,
Hamako To Hai Jaan Se Pyara
Yah Gantantra Hamara Hai.

Anchorman 1: Good Morning everyone. The galaxy of intellectuals, esteemed managers, invited guests, teachers as well as our wonderful pupils.

Anchor 2: So, Here we're ..All together…as a school (Whatever appropriate) to indicate another milestone of success in the history of one of the top group of school/schools OF (Enter Place Here)… January 2018, we're here to observe our 69th Republic Day Event on this 26th. I —[Name of Anchor 1]——– and I ——[Name of Anchor 2]——- welcomes you all on behalf of the whole school family.

Anchorman 1:

Is Din Ke Liye Viro Ne Apana Khun Bahaya Hai,
Jhum Utho Deshvasiyo Gantantra Divas Fir Aaya Hai.

Anchor 2: The motif of Shaking is the idea of vibrating the creative imagination and actions of the whole group of gifted Name of School Goes Here Pupils

Anchorman 1: The vision of 69th Republic Day has once more given a small notion of refinement it brings to the pupils. It’s a day of complete unadulterated portrayal of energy and ability, the endpoint of ONE ‘S rambling.

Anchorman 1:: Additionally we express our heartfelt gratitude to our sponsors (if appropriate any………) without who’s contribution, this occasion couldn’t have been potential….

Then Give Introduction to the performance
And Invite Students To Through a Speech
And Announce On by One All
Who is Doing Any Drama, Poem On this Occassion

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